Short Excerpt

Chapter History

The Tau Omega chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.,  was established and chartered by the fraternity’s Supreme Council on June 15, 1923.  Tau Omega (TQ) is the 3rd chapter in the fraternity’s Sixth District and the first graduate chapter in the state of North Carolina.

Tau Omega Chapter was originally comprised of Greensboro and Winston-Salem primarily, but included High Point, Burlington, Reidsville, Siler City and the surrounding areas of the Triad. The first known officers of the chapter at its conception were Bro. Frank Atkins; Basileus, and Bro. Waddy Lee Jones; 1st Keeper of Records and Seal. At that time, TQ met on a quarterly basis. Bro. Jasper Alston (Jack) Atkins, a member of Tau Omega Chapter, was 9th Grand Basileus of our Fraternity from 1921-1924. Under his leadership, the fraternity was divided into 5 Districts and he appointed “Districts Representatives” at the 11th Annual Grand Conclave (Philadelphia, PA, 1922). He also created the position of Vice Grand Basileus to aid the Grand Basileus and relieve him of several duties and responsibility. Along with Bro. Dewey Duckett (Rock Hill, NC), he created the Omega Talent Hunt Contest to give equal opportunity of African American youths to develop and express their talents. The 6th District held the 1st Talent Hunt Program on April 19, 1946 in Charlotte, NC. The Talent Hunt is now one of the fraternity’s nationally mandated programs.

TQ held the very first District Meeting in Greensboro on March 26, 1929. It was the first District meeting by ANY of the 5 Districts that the fraternity was comprised of at that time.

The following list of brothers is a testament to Tau Omega’s leadership:

  • Tau Omega Chapter has been the home to Grand Basilei (Bros. Atkins, Meares, Corbett) and Grand Counselor Bro. R. Steve Bowden;
  • Civil Rights Activists (Bros. George Simkins, Sr., Atty. Romulus Murphy, John Kilimanjaro; founder of the Carolina Peacemaker, Waldo C. Falkener, Sr., Warmoth T. Gibbs);
  • Athletics (Bros. Corbett and Cal Irvin; NCA&T Basketball Coaches, Waddell Pearson and Vernell Stallings; A&T Hall of Fame, Roy Moore; member of the A&T, St. Augustine, NCCU, SCSU, and CIAA Sports Hall of Fame.);
  • Educators (Bros. Alexander Graves, Sr., Lewis Dunlap, Joseph Whittaker; 1997 District Marshal, Col. Ronald K. Murphy, Sr.; 2007 District marshal, Warmoth T. Gibbs; Chancellor of A&T, Dr. David D. Jones; 1st President of Bennett College, W.B. Windsor; Superintendent of the Negro Schools of Guilford County, Mark Kiel; A&T Vice Chancellor for Development & Univ. Relations);
  • Arts (Bros. Willie Mooring and Carl O. Foster; members of the NC Musician Hall of Fame); and
  • Businessmen (Oliver Bowie; CPA, Atty. Charles Blackmon, Dr. Wayne Woods, Dr. J. Selig Cooper, DDS, Dr. Perry Jefferies, DDS, Dr. Edward Townes, Dr. William Parker, Thomas McFadden; Proprietor of Family Realty).

Members of the Tau Omega Chapter continue to have an active role working for the fraternity at the local, district, and national levels. Current TQ brothers serve

on the following committees for the “Mighty” 6th District: Assault on Illiteracy Program, Artifacts, History, Budget & Finance, Economic Development,

Ways & Means, Membership Selection, Talent Hunt, Scholarship, Achievement Week, Nominating, Ways and Means, Site, Boys Camp, Reclamation, and Retention.  Bro. Ronald K. Murphy (Nominating) currently serve as District committee chairmen.

TQ has also has given birth to prominent and active chapters within Omega. From TQ spawned:

Mu Psi (NC A&T State University; 1927),

Psi Phi (Winston-Salem, NC; 1932),

Beta Kappa Kappa (High Point, NC; 1994),

Sigma Chi (Reidsville, NC),

Delta Lambda Lambda (Burlington, NC; 2000), and

Alpha Delta Zeta Chapter (University of NC at Greensboro).

The MEN of The Tenacious Tau Omega Chapter continues their rich legacy of uplifting their community. TQ heritage stretches into its 10th decade of service to the Triad, the District, and Omega Dear