Short Excerpt

Dr. Charles Constantine Stewart

One of these successful physicians and surgeons is Dr. Charles Constantine Stewart of Greensboro. Dr. Stewart is a native of Jamaica where he was born on Sept. 8, 1885. His father, Chas. J. Stewart, was a teacher, and his mother’s maiden name was Miss Agnes Sangster. His paternal grandfather was Chas. Stewart and his maternal grand-mother was Rebecca Sangster.

Dr. Stewart laid the foundation of his education in the free schools of Jamaica. He came to the States in 1905. He matriculated in the medical department of Howard University for his medical course and won his M. D. degree in 1911. This was followed by one year as Intern at the Freedman’s Hospital in Washington after which he settled down to the regular practice. In 1913 he located at Greensboro where he has since resided and where he has built up a good practice. He gives special attention to surgery and is superintendent of the local hospital. He is also Sec. and Treas. of The Gate City Drug Co., Inc.

On Nov. 27, 1914, Dr. Stewart was married to Mrs. Anna Bulloch of Greensboro.

Dr. Stewart has no visionary ideas about success. He considers the biggest factors in his own career economy, honesty and careful attention to details in business and profession. He believes that the surest way to progress for the race is the encouragement of race loyalty, economy and honesty. Dr. Stewart is a member of the M. E. church and is identified with the Masons and the Elks.

In January of 1923, a group of individuals met and organized the Greensboro Negro Hospital Association.  Shortly afterwards a charter was formed of seventy-two members. A Board of Directors consisting of an equal number of white and black individuals were formed. Dr. Charles Constantine Stewart was one of the founding members of the Board of Directors.