Short Excerpt

Elect Bro. Terrence Williams

Your next Sixth District Director of Public Relations

As the candidate for Sixth District Director of Public Relations, I promise that I will take PRIDE in all of my work.

Ensure all work aligns with the Mission,Vision & Values of the Sixth District

Continue to improve operational excellence

Work with Ways and Means to build the Sixth District and Omega brand to attract Sponsors

Ensure content is relevant to the demographics of the Sixth District

Implement a context in content strategy

Deliver content that is newsworthy to capture attention

Align innovation with Sixth District & Public Relations objectives

Deliver a consistent message across all social media platforms

Demonstrate integrity across all Public Relations communications

Be flexible in responding to committee needs

Develop portal for easy access to Sixth District & Omega branded content

Improve method of submitting articles and content

Identify/Evaluate/Prioritize ideas for improvement

Perform Post Project Analysis Review

As your Director of Public Relations, I Will;

– Continue to improve operational excellence

– Assist in enhancing the sixth district sponsorship package

– Create undergraduate state Director of Public Relations positions for North and South Carolina

- Build a repository of approved Sixth District & Omega Branded Content

– Build a News Article Database

– Build a New Article Submission portal

Stay informed of any changes at the Sixth District Annual meeting by downloading my App to your phone.

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