Short Excerpt

Memorial Service

A bond of friendship binds the men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity inseparably. This extends even to and yet beyond the grave. As a member ends his life on this earth, he continues to hold high the banner of Omega; having his membership transferred to Omega Chapter. The Memorial Service is conducted annually by all chapters of the fraternity to honor the memory of departed Brothers. This occasion, although solemn, is not a time for sadness or sorrow, Rather, our duty is to celebrate the lives of our dearly departed. In death, they

have found peace from their earthly labors. God holds them now, in the palms of His almighty hands.

Tau Omega Chapter was chartered on June 15, 1923. It is the oldest graduate chapter in the state of North Carolina. The First Memorial Service was held in 1924. Today marks the 87th time the men of this chapter have gathered to honor our comrades. As each man’s life has meaning, his passing should not be merely a footnote in the passing of time. The men being honored today lived the life Omega demands of all her sons. These honored souls embodied the Cardinal Principles for which Omega stands – Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift.

The presence of spouses, relatives, and ‘friends of our departed brethren also honor us. We welcome you to this public service. Please know that as our Brothers who have gone on to Omega Chapter are still our friends, we share this friendship with you. Please know that where Omega Men are present, you will always be welcome.

Omega Chapter