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Reclamation & Retention

Cedric Blue

Cedric Blue

Reclamation & Retention Chairman

Brothers I know you are “Spiritually the man”, you are the greatest Husband/Father in the world, you are he “best that ever did it” at your chosen craft or profession, but there is still one important calling missing in your life.  The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., the fraternity you chose, the brotherhood you wanted so badly to be a part of once upon a time.  Well Brother; the good news is we still love you and are extending our open arms asking you to come back home.  We have saved a place at Omega’s table, just for you: all you have to do is come back and claim your well-earned seat.

Please don’t let money be the only reason stopping you from reconnecting with Omega!  If you truly want to be active again and do not have the financial means, please contact me personally and I will get with the Basilieus and his officers.  We will work something out to get you back in the fold.  Hope to see you real soon Brother, until then. Live nobly as all real me do.


Non Life Member Dues:  $320 ($125 International; $30 Sixth District; $165 Local)

Life Member Dues: $195 ($30 Sixth District; $165 Local)

50 Year Member: $165 (International and Sixth District Dues paid by the Chapter)

Other Fees: Reinstatement$3 (if Brother was not financial for 2014-2015)

Late Fees:$15 ($5 – International; $5 – Sixth District; $5 – Local)


2016 Reclaimed 30brothers
2015 Reclaimed 24brothers
2014 Reclamed 12brothers